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Process automation platforms

  • Automated Network Provisioning

This platform is the first inheritance of our VISP platform.

A dynamic data center model allows the automation of the provisioning and operation of network services. It allows automatically and remotely to configure your network elements.

Scheduling provisioning, applying specific security rules, … these are amongst others the functions of this appliance.

This platform will be marketed in the beginning of 2012.

  • The VISP platform is re-designed to be marketed in (end 2012) 2013, with the following objectives:

We will provide a lightweight and affordable solution for service management and provisioning, particularly suitable for SMEs who want to cooperate in a cluster environment in order to produce tailored ISP services adapted to their local business needs.

The same solution can also be used by a single ISP between different internal constituents; or even without any clustering, purely locally.

VISP initially addressed the ISP environment but is also directly and fully applicable to other telecom environments, such as access providers, mobile phone providers, transmission capacity providers (TDM and/or optical), etc - wherever service management and provisioning is needed.

Using our application you can browse through a knowledge base of technical services; profile and compose services and validate the result; select different services providers in internal yellow pages; perform trading with these providers; do the provisioning and control the full life cycle of these services up to the time that they are finally removed.

The provisioning and the other operations performed as part of the full life cycle of services are automated through specific technical procedures. Such procedures are usually performed partly or fully by hand by network engineers and are here modeled graphically using off-the-shelf tools and made executable and controllable as technical workflows.

VISP manages families of technical procedures per service, each supporting up to 16 different administrative operations defined as part of the full service life cycle. These technical procedures interface with network, OSS and BSS (ERP) elements in a non-intrusive way through configurable Web based mediation servers.

Our solution is controllable, scalable and secure. The execution of technical procedures can be monitored and it is easy to see the actual steps through which each procedure goes, and in particular any blocking step encountered. You always keep control as you can easily block access to any part of your operational environment; the mediation servers are demarcation points which can be handled under the control of your network engineering.

All our software is SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based and communicates with the outside through secure Web services. Thanks to this architecture we can also depict our application services as Web services which can be called by any other application, if you wish.

Last but not least, we can provide initial and on-demand content for the application in the form of service descriptions and technical process specifications. The sets of services and technical processes constitute two different but related knowledge bases which are managed by the VISP application. The design of your specific services and processes can be carried out as part of our support services.

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