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Who are we ?

The company CLUSTEO SA/NV is a subsidiary of the belgian group PERCEVAL SA/NV, supplier of Technologies and Internet service Provider.

CLUSTEO SA/NV has been created to be part of a development project of a platform of process automation (VISP: Virtual Internet Service Provider), carried out within the framework of a consortium of European companies. This project profited from budgets (nearly 3 M€) within the framework of technological programs directed by the European Commission.

The project filled the objectives and requirements assigned by the E.C. within the framework of a contract tallies. CLUSTEO SA/NV acquired the rights of exploitation of the software and has the ambition to market this platform through various technological fields, of which that of telecommunications.

CLUSTEO SA/NV proposes to its customers platforms of industrial communications and of process automation.

What do we do?


CLUSTEO develops, optimizes and deploys multimode platforms of communication and process automation in the fields of industry, office and trade.

The platforms of communication cover the fields of telecommunications and the computer networks. They integrate interfaces man-to-men, man-to-machines and machines-to-machines, with a high degree of safety and reliability.

They constitute technologies such as telephony on IP (indoor, outdoor), wireless connections of remote locations into point-to-point, data transmission and machines remote control via Wifi network, including the fast roaming between the access points (mobility), and implementation of intelligent Web portals making possible an interaction between all the fields of the company.

The platforms of processes automation develop and integrate the efficient models for the optimal control of the company, integrating adapted technologies of communication, as well as the actuators, and the transmitters of measurement and data (based amongst others on RFID technology.). These platforms aim at ensuring the performance and the flexibility of the various actors of the company, which they are men or machines.

News & Events

Clusteo - SIDLY, a partnership that will help the medical sector !


Success on the 23 th of february 2018: Clusteo has signed a partnership with the SIDLY company.Learn more

18-19 th of march 2015, Clusteo was at the show "Entreprendre-Ondernemen 2015"


Clusteo SA has been present at the show "Entreprendre-Ondernemen 2015" to boost your business. Learn more

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