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Communication platforms

  • Mobile Indoor Office

    A mobile office everywhere you can be in the company, it is possible by a secure way.

    This platform, provided with a web-portal with authentication, even makes it possible to accommodate guests without endangering your data.


  • Mobile Workshop

    Thanks to the techniques RFID and Wifi Access points distributed in your workshops, you will know any displacements of goods, goods produced by your machines, or parts of your stock.

    The image in real time of your production and your stocks will make it possible in order to optimize your workflows. The configuration of your workshops will not have anymore limit in time and space.


  • Public Open Zone (wireless)

    During the creation of any event where a large number of mobile users must connect themselves to internet or to a network via a Web portal, in an authenticated way or by a secure keys, this platform well enable you to create an accessible environment or a Wireless Hot-Spot area. This platform allows fast roaming in a large area.

    The portal Web can also comprise applications on demand which the user can download (in manner paying or not).


News & Events

Clusteo - SIDLY, a partnership that will help the medical sector !


Success on the 23 th of february 2018: Clusteo has signed a partnership with the SIDLY company.Apprendre encore plus

Save the date: 18-19 mars 2015 au salon "Entreprendre-Ondernemen 2015"


Clusteo S.A sera présent au salon entreprendre 2015 pour boostez votre entreprise.Apprendre encore plus

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