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Clusteo - SIDLY, a partnership that will help the medical sector !

SIDLY, awarded at many times by its solution SIDLY Care, is a company from Poland, active in the development of medical devices in the field of telemedecine.

Clusteo has signed a sale parthership with SIDLY for the area of Belgium - Luxembourg. It allows also Clusteo to integrate the management of the SIDLY Care device into the televigilance module of our MenSA Autonomia solution, in order to offer a complete help to the accompaniment and care (medical or paramedical) services providers.

SIDLY Care is an innovative telecare system that exceeds the limits of distance. It is a system that enables remotely the provision of care services. The system consists in web-based platform, iOS and Androïd applications, and a medical devices in the form of a SIDLY Care armband which you simply attach to your wirst to monitor vital signs, emergency situations, and activity.

The SIDLY Care device is certified as medical device (class IIa) and by many organizations: CE, TUV, ...

In our solution Mensa Autonomia, we have developped a new interface to handle the data transmitted remotely (GSM / GPRS) by the Sidly Care device and to manage these data in our new module of televigilance. This module has a powerfull alarms handler in real time.

When an emergency situation of a services beneficiary occurs and generates an alarm in the MenSA Autonomia platform, the services providers take benefit of all the data of this beneficiary (medical folder , treatment, accompaniment folder, ...) to take the right decision. In more, an Androïd and iOS appliation will warn his/her relatives or doctor.

So the beneficiary has the insurance that he/she may count on the help of assistance, whenever and wherever he/she stays. So he / she really keeps his / her autonomy.


Save the date: 18-19 maart 2015 op de beurs "Ondernemen-Ondernemen 2015"

Wanneer? 18 & 19 maart 2015

Waar? In Tour & Taxis (Brussel) STAND B16.

De salon ”Ondernemen 2015" is de essentiële ontmoetingsplaats voor elk bedrijf of al zelfstandige starters die willen hun bedrijf creëren of uitbreiden. Voor twee dagen zal , het niet minder dan 140 exposanten die aan de show deelnemen. Schrijf U in via onze website (flash-banner) voor uw gratis tickets!

Clusteo SA zal tijdens de show efficiënte oplossingen uitsluitend presenteren, die bedrijven in staat stellen om de juiste koers in termen van organisatie en communicatie te nemen, en hun business te vernellen. Een high-level telefonie op onverwachte prijzen, externe toegang tot een mobile en vol beschikbaar kantoor, veiligheid van uw gegevens en toegangen, een complete ruimte voor samenwerking te hebben. We zullen de Kiwix-fly, een mobiel kantoor met 4G-technologie, presenteren, die een versneller voor uw bedrijf zal worden!

Onze consultants zijn direct beschikbaar om op al uw vragen in computer- en telecommunicatie-oplossingen te beantwoorden: aarzel niet en doe mee aan de show "Ondernemen 2015" op stand B 16.


Breakfast for Technology meetings

From November 2011, we will invite you to regular information sessions about our products during delicious breakfasts. A great opportunity to meet you.

The agenda will be published soon.



Clusteo s.a. supports the project of restoration of the Royal Academy of Brussels initiated by the Conservamus association.

We join the concert of official reception given in the great Hall of the Academy, by inviting our customers to be amongst us and to appreciate the sense of perfection.


News & Events

Clusteo - SIDLY, a partnership that will help the medical sector !


Success on the 23 th of february 2018: Clusteo has signed a partnership with the SIDLY company.Leer meer

Save the date: 18-19 maart 2015 op de beurs "Ondernemen-Ondernemen 2015"


Clusteo S.A zal aan de nationale beurs « Ondernemen 2015 » deelnemen om uw business te versterken.Leer meer

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